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Connect-time.com is a starting organization with the sole purpose of helping people learn all kinds of skills.

Feel like your old job just fails to deliver? Learn programming, learn writing, learn something that will achieve any digital goal.

We have many ways of helping you, let us begin.

How can I convince you stay with us? Just think!

Best courses around! Best teachers around!

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Courses that send the message. They really do. Our teachers make sure to get you learn the easier way!

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Get the order confirmation within 2 minutes after ordering a course. Download the course via e-mail or website.

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Contact us and receive an answer within 12 hours. No joke, no kidding. We are really bent on helping you.

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Learn any course you want from any country you find yourself in. We do love helping people from everywhere.

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Get mobile notifications about new courses or new teachers. This will help you stay with us longer, learn better.

Touch The Track

If you don't get it at first, don't worry - the next course will do it. Many people tend to give up, don't be one of them!

What our customers think

“I have sent this to my daughter, she loved it. I wanted her to become a great Python developer, which she did by attenting Connect-Time”
Sara Johnon
"Probably the best courses you will ever find. The teachers are amazing, they love what they do, and more importantly - They teach! Don't wait anymore."
John Milson
Looca CTO
"I was thinkin that getting old will affect my ways of learning. I've tried so many course providers out there, none was good enough. That until I found this!”
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder

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